Happy Birthday America

Fellow Comradz, Today is July 4th here in America. A day of celebration, a day of independence, a day of freedom. On this the birthday of the United  States, we salute Old Glory and all the people of the world and shout: Enjoy yourself, Express yourself, and Love yourself. Peace Comradz #5

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Father’s Day

Fellow Comradz - Fathers day is upon us and we love celebrating and helping you get the perfect gift for Dad. So we are offering 10% off the whole Comradz Collection, just use the code: FATHERSDAY at checkout. What could be better than giving a gift that goes beyond this day, like learning a new language, or [...]

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Learn to Speak & Enjoy Your Travels More…

Fellow Comradz Lend me your ears. No lend me your voice. That’s right if your thinking of traveling to France, Germany, Spain, Mexico or some place that doesn’t speak English this summer and that includes Quebec - why not learn the language. Learn French, German or Spanish quickly and easily with Learn to Speak. Now, [...]

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School’s Out for Summer!

Fellow Comradz, School's out for summer, but maybe not forever, so seize the day and some sizzling summer fashions for your Manga characters. ComiPo!'s Summer Collection has not only the hottest summer fashion but rocks some great athletic wear so your characters can compete in the Summer Olympics too! Add the Summer Uniform and Sportswear Collection [...]

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Memorial Day – Thanks

It is Memorial Day here in America and we at Comradz want to thank all those that protect and serve their country. From the soldiers to the police. From the doctors to the teachers and to forget all the fire fighters and first responders. From all of us at Comradz we salute you as fellow comrades and [...]

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Its May Day, Comradz Unite…

Dear Fellow Comradz, Today is May Day. We must all unite and let the light flow and our love will wash away our differences. No longer should we allow our differences to divide us. No, we say visit Comradz.com and relieve yourselves of that foul capitalist evil called money. Then rejoice in your purge and [...]

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New Content Pack for ComiPo! Available

Fellow Comradz, "The ComiPo! Collection 1: Props & Scenes" includes 140+ items for ComiPo!. including 3D objects, pets & animals, 2D backdrops, and props from roof tops to cupboards and more is available today. The Collection 1  gives ComiPo! artists freedom to tell a wider range of stories. Check it out today.  

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