Complete ComiPo! Collections Bundle!

Holiday Special! Know Someone with ComiPo! Who's Ready for More? Get the Complete ComiPo! Collections Bundle! Collections 2 - 10, all for only $75! Complete ComiPo! Collections Bundle! Only $75, A Savings of over $75!Everybody loves creating their story, and this Bundle includes a ton of awesome content to help you do just that. Now [...]

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Complete Collection Bundle Plus ComiPo!

Special! Get the Complete Set of Collections 1-10 Plus ComiPo! (Collection 1 is installed as part of ComiPo! app) All for only $100 for a limited time only! The Complete Set of ComiPo! Collections 1-10, Plus ComiPo! Only $100, A Savings of $90.00Everybody loves creating their story, and ComiPo! comes with [...]

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NEW! ComiPo! Collection 8: Work & Workout Wear

New ComiPo! Collection 8: Work & Training Wear! Look Great your First Day on the Job with: ComiPo! Collection 8: Work & Training Wear! Round out your characters' ComiPo! workplace wardrobes with this collection of work wear. Combine with Collection 2: Uniforms & Sportswear, Collection 4: Casual Wear, Collection 5: Office Wear, and Collection 6: Business [...]

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Tohoku Zunko Manga Compilation!

The team in Japan are running a Kickstarter campaign to create an illustration and manga compilation book of the Tohoku relief character, “Tohoku Zunko.” Created in the wake of the Tohoku/Fukushima earthquake and tsunami of 2011, the Tohoku Zunko concept is for her to be like Rakuichi-Rakuza (free markets and open guilds) of old. Companies in the stricken region are given a royalty free license of the character at no charge for commercial use in the hope [...]

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RockSteady Bluetooth Speaker ONLY $69.95. Let the music play!

Rock out with RockSteady bluetooth speaker only $69.95 Friends, Comradz... Lend me your ears. It is the time to be merry and rock out to the sound of music. Enjoy your tunes non-stop this holiday season and nothing beats this RockSteady Bluetooth Speaker for only $69.95 when it comes to rocking tunes. A $60 saving! Plus it [...]

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Express Your Dream – Comipo! Video Showcase 2013

Comipo! Create Your Dreams Everyone has dreams. Everyone wants to express themselves. Comipo! lets you do both. Comipo! is the easy-to-use manga & animation software that allows anybody to create stories and express themselves. We are starting a new series to showcase some of the dreams and expressions that people have created with Comipo! created [...]

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