Express Your Dream – Comipo! Video Showcase 2013

Comipo! Create Your Dreams Everyone has dreams. Everyone wants to express themselves. Comipo! lets you do both. Comipo! is the easy-to-use manga & animation software that allows anybody to create stories and express themselves. We are starting a new series to showcase some of the dreams and expressions that people have created with Comipo! created [...]

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Take 40% off ComiPo! then Share your Valentine’s Day Story with Us

Happy Valentines Day! Our Valentine's Day gift to you: 40% Off ComiPo! and ComiPo! Collections! Through the End of February Take 40% off ComiPo! and any ComiPo! Collection then use it to illustrate your Valentine's Day and share your story with Comradz by adding a comment here with a link to your ComiPo! creation. We'll [...]

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