Tohoku Zunko Manga Compilation!

The team in Japan are running a Kickstarter campaign to create an illustration and manga compilation book of the Tohoku relief character, “Tohoku Zunko.” Created in the wake of the Tohoku/Fukushima earthquake and tsunami of 2011, the Tohoku Zunko concept is for her to be like Rakuichi-Rakuza (free markets and open guilds) of old. Companies in the stricken region are given a royalty free license of the character at no charge for commercial use in the hope [...]

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New Cool Stuff from Comradz

New Cool Stuff At Comradz We have been plotting and have come up with some very cool stuff! From our fellow Comradz in Japan we present you software that will let the inner you rock & roll. And we have a new ComiPo! Collection that will give you the business. So read on... NEW ComiPo!  Collection [...]

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