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Charamin Studio Features

■ Standard Features
・Automatic PV Generation
・Analysis Result Display
・Dance Preview (Play/ Pause Stop/ Volume Adjustment/ Skip/ Head out)
・Character Change (1 character at a time)
・Stage Change(1 stage at a time)
・Anime Physics
・Switching Edit Camera Point of View and Shooting Camera Point of View
・Auto Eye Direction Control
・Automatic Facial Expression Change (6 expressions)
・Auto Blink
・Multi-project Editing
・Timeline Zoom Change
・Video Thumbnail View
・Section Repeat Play
・Spectrum Display Color Change (4 colors)

■ Input
・Music File:MP3/WAV/M4A – Except DRM protected files
・Character Model Data:pmd/pmx/mcha/dmcha
・Stage Data:mstg/dmstg
・Camera Work:ccamw
・Charamin Studio Project format:projcs
・Motion Pack:mopkg/dmpkg

■ Output
・Charamin Studio Project format:projcs
・AVI file:AVI 1.0 format, AVI 2.0 format
・Camera Work:ccamw
・Player File for OMP:omm

■ Rendering Functions
・Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing (x2 x4 x8)
・Drop Shadow (Shadow Map)
・Depth of Field Represntation
・Filter Effects (3 species, Can be animated) — Light Bloom, Screen Tone, Color Filter(YIQ/RGB)
・Character’s Border Line Size Change

■ Music Analysis and Editing Functions
・Editing Beat Position/Range Selection
・Bar’s first Beat setting
・Beat Addission/Delete/Re-analysis

■ Video Output Functions
・Solid Color Background Output
・Output with File Split

■ Dance Editing Functions
・Individual Motion Replacement/Delete
・Range Selection
・Choreography Reassignment
・Motion Fix
・Add to My Favorite Folder

■ Camera Work Editing Function
・Camera Work Range Edit/Selection
・Camera Work Insertion/Change
・A Variety of Parameter Editing
・Reassignment of Camera Work

■ Lip Sync Input Function
・Pronunciation Input/Delete *currently must use Japanese based phonetics
・Pronunciation Position Editing/Pronunciation Content Editing
・Lip Sync Editing Camera
・Lip Sync Content Copy/Paste

■ Others
・Charamin Store
・Characters Change (3 spieces)
※ There is no guarantee for loading original Data and data files.
※ Please note that the features described above are the only ones you can use on Charamin Studio.
※ All the intellectual Property(“IP”) belongs to the original IP holders.

Charamin Studio System Requirements:

■ Operating System
Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7
* Admin rights required for installation

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or faster recommended

■ Memory
2GB or more (at least 300MB available for Charamin Studio)

■ Video Card 
GPU with Shader Model 3.0 support or better required such as:
Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better recommended
NVIDIA GeForce 300 Series or better recommended
AMD Radeon HD6000 Series or better recommended

■ HDD Space
2GB Free Disc Space
※More space are required for Analyzed Music and downloaded content.

■ Required Component
.NET Frameworks 3.5 SP1
Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Runtime
DirectX 9.0c June 2010 Runtime

■ Other
Internet Connection required for Activation
Valid email Address
Display with 1280×720or more resolution

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