Rock out with RockSteady bluetooth speaker only $69.95

Friends, Comradz…

Lend me your ears. It is the time to be merry and rock out to the sound of music. Enjoy your tunes non-stop this holiday season and nothing beats this RockSteady Bluetooth Speaker for only $69.95 when it comes to rocking tunes. A $60 saving! Plus it is a speaker phone also. Yes, a speaker phone!

You wouldn’t believe Lenin and Mao, they can’t stop moving to the groove. Look the RockSteady sounds great, I’ve got one, use it all the time and blows the doors off some of those $300+ speakers! Around here its all music, all the time and with the Rocksteady’s long battery life you won’t have to say “last dance for romance” any time soon.

Hurry, this deal won’t last forever and knowing how you, my fellow comradz, love cool stuff, you’ll want to act today!

Now, Che its Lenin’s turn to pick the song. Yes we know he loves the classics and your a big rap and techo guy. But Mao is a man of the world and like every thing from Jazz to Latin and is into the world beat and Chinese opera. But for its t rock and roll and I like it.

Comradz #5

RockSteady XS Portable Bluetooth Speaker