New Cool Stuff At Comradz

We have been plotting and have come up with some very cool stuff!

From our fellow Comradz in Japan we present you software that will let the inner you rock & roll. And we have a new ComiPo! Collection that will give you the business. So read on…

NEW ComiPo! 
Collection 6: Business Person

ComiPo! Collection 6: Business Person

ComiPo! Collection 6: Business Person  

Rock The Office!

With a dozen new middle-aged dudes in suits and an equal number of key business props in 3D, Collection 6: Business Person includes everything you’ll need to insure your Manga kills at the office!

Includes Boardrooms, office, executive meetings, conferences, or business class seating, this collection will get your characters there in professional style and grace.

Buy It Today For $14.95

ComiPo! Collections 1-5: Awesome Manga Content

New Cool Product!

VOCALOID 3 — Yazuki Yukari

So You Want To Be A Rock Star!

You control her amazing voice! Publish a song or an album.

VOCALOID 3 lets you “sing” with the voice of an actual Japanese pop-star! Import your own music files and have Yazuki Yukari sing the vocals!

When you’re done export a music file to play or for use in Charamin Studio or other cosplay applications and projects.

Buy Vocaloid for $89.99




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