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ComiPo! 40% Off for Mother’s Day

ComiPo! 40% Off for Mother’s Day
Remind mom how much you love her with your own Manga comic strip and get 
ComiPo! 40% Off for Mother’s Day… only $29.99


RockSteady Bluetooth Speaker ONLY $69.95. Let the music play!

Rock out with RockSteady bluetooth speaker only $69.95
Friends, Comradz…

Lend me your ears. It is the time to be merry and rock out to the sound of music. Enjoy your tunes non-stop this holiday season and nothing beats this RockSteady Bluetooth Speaker for only $69.95 when it comes to rocking tunes. A $60 saving! Plus it is a […]

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Happy Hallowween…

Happy Halloween from your friends at Comradz.

It’s a fun day of trick and treating… Of capturing the memories and sharing them…

And when you wake up on Friday and want to convert all the video that you shot of the kids going around the neighborhood or the party you attended, Comradz can help. Check out Xillsoft […]

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Express Your Dream – Comipo! Video Showcase 2013

Comipo! Create Your Dreams
Everyone has dreams. Everyone wants to express themselves. Comipo! lets you do both. Comipo! is the easy-to-use manga & animation software that allows anybody to create stories and express themselves.

We are starting a new series to showcase some of the dreams and expressions that people have created with Comipo! created dreams. So […]

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NW Studio Headphones 70% Off!

NW Studio Headphones 70% Off! 
Originally $49.99 Now Only $14.99
Its true Ninewave Studio Headphones were $49.99 but now, while supplies last, NW Studio Headphones 70% Off! Get them while they’re hot!

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Labor Day Sale 2013


Comradz Labor Day Sale 2013

Mao says “Cool stuff needs to be shared. SAVE 20% to 70.014% on software, earbuds, Bluetooth Speakers, and everything at Comradz”
I know you, but why, Mao, are these deals so crazy? “Because its Labor Day! All the people deserve great deals”!
Check this out get NW-Studio ear-buds normally $49.99 for Only $14.99. […]

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Big Sale on Big Sound – All Headphones SAVE up to $60!

Designed in Japan, these headphones use patented technology that allow sound waves to realize their full resonance, providing you full-bodied sound without turning up the volume.

Buy NW-STUDIO PRO for Only $89.99 a saving of $60.00

Machined from solid Aluminum, in silver and black with carrying case and accessories. […]

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Happy Holidays, Comradz! Special on ComiPo! – Save 40%

Happy Holidays, Comradz, & Merry Christmas
Enjoy Your Manga Holiday with ComiPo! Save 40%*
Don’t Forget The ComiPo! Add-On Packs

 ComiPo! Offer Expires January 1, 2013.
ComiPo! is the leading drag & drop, point & click Manga creation software. Choose a character, add outfits, props, pose characters, and select a background from ComiPo! or even one of your own […]

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Thank You Veterans

We at Comradz salute all the men and woman that are serving their country today around the world.

Thank you for all your past, current and future service and for keeping us safe by your sacrifice.

Comradz #5 and all your fellow Comradz

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