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openCanvas splash screen

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openCanvas is for You!

openCanvas is a painting and drawing tool tailored to illustration type graphics, perfect for Manga and Anime styles, and much more. openCanvas enables first time users and empowers more advanced users to realize their artistic visions. A straightforward interface, and realistic brushstrokes along with support for filters, layers, and tones will bring your art to life.

“Events”, Let’s Take a Look

The “Event” function allows you to easily record and share the making of your openCanvas creations. Or learn tips and tricks of illustration by watching Events shared by others  in Portal Graphic Network Community .


Draw or Paint with a Range of Tools

An assortment of customizable pens and brushes give you the power to illustrate in a variety of styles. When used with a Wacom tablet your tools will be pressure sensitive with strokes flowing, spreading, or bleeding depending on how hard you press through each stroke.

openCanvas Brushes and Pens

openCanvas: Filters, Layers, & Tones, Oh my!

Filters provide a quick and powerful way to stylize your artwork, add a background, or special effect.

openCanvas FiltersopenCanvas Layers

Layers allow you to create add, merge, and blend elements in your work to create complex illustrations with depth.

openCanvas Layers

Tones give you the power to change the palate and texture of elements you create. You can even add your own tones by importing bitmap files.

openCanvas Tones

openCanvas System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10
Intel compatible processor running at 1 ghz or faster
Graphics Card capable of displaying millions of colors (32 bit)
Wacom tablet for support of pressure sensitive strokes

Buy Now $59.95